(1.28) Random Reflections

**Congratulations to Mary J. Blige for her Oscar nominations for Mudbound!!!**

We have to get rid of the mentality that an artist “showing their soul” becomes a showcase for pain and trauma. I want to see you, you pain and sorrow but also the unexplainable joy you feel at the smallest moments. Being an artist is difficult and it comes with having a multitude of bad ideas but the courage to chance every single idea and the wisdom to leave some ideas alone for a later time.

I can generate ideas but I don’t have the courage to chase them right now. As I evolve and grow, I’m going to create the courage by surrounding myself with creatives. I’m very sensitive to my environment and I’m very protective of my energy.

Watching someone do their “thing” is purely divine. Have you ever watched someone sing their heart out? Have you watched a painter in action or seen a gymnast perfect a routine with the added god factor? Yes, you may have seen people do this before but that particular instance was other worldly. Realize that you are watching the impossible happen. Realize that you may never see this moment again. Realize that you may never see the face of a god like that again. You just witnessed the raw, pure, unfiltered version of that person and they probably think it was just another Saturday.

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