(2.20) Sometimes I think about Jupiter’s aliens…

Hey! What’s up? Hello!

So I was randomly thinking the other day and had the following thought (redundant much?):

You will never see your body; any depiction you see is a distortion of your body.

When I say this was the most revolutionary concept I’ve interacted with in a long time, I mean it. I was met with instant relief and curiosity. Are humans even capable of handling the truth? Think about it. We know that humans have emotions and thoughts that can cloud judgment. We know human memory isn’t really accurate and the human brain can easily be influenced. We know that not everyone experiences the same things in the same way even though they were all in the same place at the same time. With all of this being said . . . Everyone is interacting and viewing the world through their own filter. If everyone is interacting with each other in unique ways, how could I trust a general opinion on anything?

Yooooo!!! I cannot express the level of peace and understanding this caused. This particular person not liking what I’m doing has little to do with me and everything to do with their unique lens. Obviously, if I’m harming another person then it is CLEARLY NOT OKAY! But if you don’t like how I use emojis or think chai is absolutely trash, those are things you can ignore and distance yourself away from because the universe is massive, my guy. If you don’t listen to Migos and Anderson .Paak during your naked yoga practice while burning palo santo, don’t snuff your nose at me for doing so because none of this is real. I’m fairly certain that the aliens living on Jupiter in an alternate dimension, in an alternate timeline, are watching us how we watch trash reality television. There is no “right way” to live life because we are all outchea straight guessing.

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