(2.27) Go Ahead and Drink Your Greens

*I’m really out here doing this blogging thing. I’m excited and absolutely terrified but I shall press forward because all the fun stuff is just past fear*

Green smoothies. The modern day 🐐 of my daily fiber intake. I’ve been drinking them every morning for the past month. They have been my most successful attempt at being consistent in the past few years so I decided to make a post about my growing love for this liquid glow up. Shall we begin with a list of reflections?

  1. They are super simple and easy to make. If it isn’t simple and easy, I won’t keep up with it.
  2. I freeze all the components. The spinach, banana, frozen fruit and mint are all relaxing in my freezer as I type this post. I buy the fresh spinach from the salad section (I bought 4 bags because they were $2 each), transfer the fresh leaves into gallon ziploc bags and then toss them in the freezer. Now I have spinach that won’t spoil in the fridge. I do the same thing with bananas, I wait for them to ripen on the counter, then peel and toss them in the freezer too. I love my freezer. (I currently have chickpeas, tomatoes, kale, green beans, curry and black eyed peas in there. A world of possibilities.) ((Edit: I just used the chickpeas last night to make snickerdoodle hummus!))
  3. Getchu some chia seeds!! They’re filling, barely taste like anything, and provide a nice energy boost in the morning. I’m going to try hemp seeds in the near future. I read that the Mexicans would drink water with chia seeds and lemon after letting the chia seeds soak for a bit. One day I will try it and then report back.
  4. Out of fear of killing the motor in my Ninja food processor, I got a real blender. When it dies in a few years, I’ll get a Ninja blender. I’ll keep my baby Ninja to make my Shea butter.
  5. If you would have told me a year ago that I would blend up some spinach and joyously drink it, I would have called you a liar and looked at you like you have 4 heads.


Onto the good stuff!!

The process is very easy, I’m not just saying that to sound chic. Here’s whatchu gon do:

  1. Grab a cup, add a generous spoonful of chia seeds, fill the cup with water and stir to combine. Let this sit for 5 – 10 minutes to allow the chia seeds to start soaking up the water and prevent them from soaking up as much water while blending/drinking. Go brush your teeth or something while this happens, it’s not an exact science. Just a warning: it’s going to become gelatinous, this is normal.
  2. Add your water + chia into the blender first (or follow your blender’s instructions). Looks great doesn’t it? Don’t worry, since you soaked them, the blender will chop them up (if you’re weird about food textures like I am).
  3. Add a generous handful of spinach. Like I said, this isn’t an exact science. I barely measure anything unless I’m baking. Some people add parsley or mint. Some use Swiss chard or beet greens. I’ll branch out to these options and report back later. Blend this now if your blender is older/weaker.
  4. Add a handful of fruit. I’ll add a handful of frozen fruit and a banana. Let the ancestors guide you. Peaches, mango, strawberries, blueberries, pineapples, apples, really any fruit your heart desires.
  5. Here is where you can add extra things like vanilla extract, almond butter, peanut butter, ginger powder, cinnamon, raw cane sugar, honey, agave, etc. I added a few dashes of ginger, cinnamon, lemon juice and agave with my green apple and banana smoothie in this photo. 10/10 would recommend.
  6. Blend!!! Trust the process. Know that you can always tweak it later.
  7. Taste it before you pour. It might need a little sugar, little bit more water, blended a little longer or it might be perfect.
  8. Pour it into your favorite cup/mug/bucket and enjoy! My personal favorite is my clear, 26 ounce, Starbucks plastic cup.


  • I wouldn’t suggest drinking this and also eating something heavy like oatmeal. I usually get 20 – 30 ounces from this and I usually drink it in less than 40 minutes.
  • If you forget about the chia seeds for 20+ minutes, just add some more water in the blender.

Unless you are picky and precise like my mother, it’s going to take a few tries to get your recipe right, especially when you introduce things like mint you froze in ice cubes and you end up making too much, like I just did this morning. I’m still going to drink all of it because it’s still delicious and refreshing.


And there you have it! A guide to how I make my smoothies. Go forth and prosper!

Until next time,


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