(4.16) Beychella

Beyonce is the greatest entertainer of all time. Go debate somebody that isn’t me.

I’m in a place where other people’s success doesn’t feel like my automatic failure. There is enough space in the universe for everyone. HOWEVER!! Some people just never put the work in to use their greatest potential and this is the separation between Beyonce and literally any of your other mediocre white girl faves. Beyonce has time and time again out done herself. She is competing with herself, improving herself and setting the bar for herself. She created her own lane on purpose. She understands the history, the culture and the lineage being Black has. Contemporary Beyonce is unapologetically and boldly pulling from our culture. She’s pulling things I didn’t realize that other people don’t have. WE have HBCUs. WE have our Divine 9 Organizations. We created step culture. WE created HBCU bands. WE created jazz, funk, pop, rock, and afrobeats. That is all us and it’s hilarious to watch white people try to claim is as “of the people.” No you ignoramus, you have colonialism, imperialism, culture stealing and that thing you do when you put unnecessary things in food . . . like putting raisins in potato salad. THIS IS ALL US RIGHT HERE! STAY! MAD! Because we don’t care about your feelings being hurt. Literally nobody cares except your other people. We made Tusk, Howard, and Bethune-Cookman because you wouldn’t let us into Harvard, Princeton and Pitt. Somehow with our grandmothers’ prayers, magic, discipline and sheer will power, we thrived inspire of the pure hatred against us. And you’re mad about it because it reminds you that we started lightyears behind you and we have been catching up ever since.

So instead of being intimidated because of other artists creating more work, getting more opportunities and being highly skilled, I’m insanely proud and excited to see another black girl win. Being able to witness a black girl win at anything nearly brings me to tears. From Beyonce doing the blackest things at the whitest music festival to a little black girl winning her 2nd grade spelling bee and every single accomplishment in between. Seeing black girls get 12 college acceptance letters, launching wellness platforms, starting businesses, creating charities like Black Girls Code, starting community gardens, etc. I LOVE SEEING US WIN AND I DON’T CARE IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT. And when I say “black girls” I mean everybody. LGBT+, non binary, gender nonconforming, muslim, mystic, alternative, punk, geeky, computer programmers, light skin, dark skin, regardless of body type, body size and body shape.

Basically, Beyonce is an inspiration for having an impeccable work ethic. And that’s that.

Rant over.


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