“Plant based” Disclaimer

Hello! Welcome!! I hope you’re well.

Here is my formal disclaimer for this blog. I’m not a doctor, nurse, midwife or have any other title aside from “Professional Google-er.” I’m not here to shame you for your dietary choices. If you want to keep drinking cow’s milk, do that. Eating meat makes me feel heavy and sluggish, so I have greatly reduced my intake of animal flesh. I’m not perfect, but I truly believe that all of us can do better. This blog is simply a catalogue of my growth, new things I learn and things I’ve figured out.

I use the term “plant based” because I eat the very occasional chicken tender from Publix. To me, this particular term isn’t a term of restriction. It allows me the room for exploration without guilt being attached. Too often being a “vegan” is associated with being rich and white. I am neither of those things, I’m just out here doing my best and that is all I can ask of anyone. Word to my mom for this perspective! However, I do believe that it is important to eat more whole plant based foods. I also believe that people who eat meat can also be eating their fair share of kale and quinoa too! Eventually, I might become fully vegan but we will cross the bridge when we get to it. You will find vegan meals here and mostly vegan meals.

Think of this as a reference for inspiration and cool things to try. In a perfect word, none of us eat animal products, capitalism doesn’t exist and we don’t have to pay to live (housing, utilities, car payments, etc.) But this is the world we live in right now and we should all be sharing the keys to knowledge and success.

Shoutout to my taste testers, my parents. I feed them a lot of strange things and they trust me. I hope one day they won’t be still traumatized by the black “nice cream” incident.

Welcome to my blog about a millennial black girl being dope simply by existing and exploring. Thank you so much for clicking and reading my blog! I hope you gain something positive, even if it’s just a laugh! Follow me on Instagram and feel free to leave comments asking questions or offering suggestions. I’m not an expert in any regard, most of this is trial and error for me.

Until my next set of shenanigans,


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