Smoothie Evolution: Vol. 1

Welcome back!


Stepping back and making decisions is a necessary form of self care. It helps remind me that most things aren’t really that big of a deal and I need to calm down. Just know that epiphanies were had and its been straight flame emojis for the past few weeks. It’s truly amazing how many dope things can happen when you fully mind your own business. Apparently a few other people (who don’t play any role in my actual life) are minding my business too and that gave me a good chuckle. So back to our programming! Smoothies are still amazing, I just grew tired of them for a little bit. It’s normal for me, but I’m back like a toddler who you JUST gave a cookie to less than three minutes ago. Now that I’m adjusted to my new work schedule, we can get this folder of food related posts published ASAP. Onto the title of this post, shall we?

Firstly, this may not be an original idea but I also didn’t check to see it had been done before either. I just had this epiphany this morning. Adding nuts to my smoothies has become a lovely addition, but I don’t enjoy the grainy texture of walnuts or almonds with my smoothly blended mangos and bananas. I figure you don’t want that either, and I’m exceptionally certain that my mother would look at me with contempt if I gave her a grainy smoothie. Solution: pulverize rolled oats and nuts of your choice separately. This is also a great meal prep solution. By pulverize (I really wanted to use that particular word just because it sounds cool), I mean you could use your blender, food processor, Magic Bullet, or anything else that grinds things into fine powders. I tested the theory with 1/2 c of rolled oats and 1/4 c of sliced almonds. This morning’s smoothie had 3 spoonfuls of this powder, about 3 spoonfuls of chia pudding, frozen strawberries, frozen peaches, some banana, cinnamon, agave and a few dates. 10/10, would recommend but I’m biased.

Secondly, chia seeds. At this point, just bury me or cremate me with some chia seeds. I’ll need them in my next life. Multiple people have raised concerns to me about the texture of chia seeds but they still want to use them for the nutritional benefits. I gotchu! I completely understand. My mom has the same concerns because she’s is not about to be out here eating or drinking anything crazy. Have I mentioned that she is my target audience with this blog? If my skeptical, picky, 50+ year old Black mom eats, drinks or uses it, you can feel safe too. She looks at my chia pudding with that ‘child, what are you eating and why????’ face and refuses to try it purely because of the texture. Among other “hey let’s see how this goes” decisions, adding chia pudding into the actual smoothie has been a genius level move. Solution: soak them ahead of time in a tubberware container in the fridge. Add a few spoonfuls into your smoothie and they will break up during the blending process. Feel free to add flavors to the chia pudding, I add cinnamon, vanilla extract and a little agave because chia seeds don’t have a strong flavor and will take on the flavor of the milk/dairy alternative you chose. The ratio I’ve most commonly seen on these here interwebnets is 3 tablespoons of chia seeds for every cup of milk, or 3/4 cup of chia seeds for every three cups of milk (math is hard). I use almond milk because it’s cheap, easy to find and doesn’t have the odd mouth feel and taste of soy milk. Just be sure that your non dairy milk is unsweetened and doesn’t have too many ingredients you have to google written on the label. I also make sure mine is unflavored since I use it in pasta sauces, tea, and other things I don’t want to taste like vanilla.

Thirdly, invest in a personal blender. I thought I was an adult when I got a real bender as an upgrade from my, now dead (RIP), baby Ninja food processor. The best intentions were had . . . but cleaning an entire blender every single time I wanted a smoothie played a part in me not wanting to make a smoothie. All I have to do is swap the blade lid for a drinking lid and then be on my merry way??? Yes please!!! Lets try this concept out. I might just need to get a NutriBullet or one more powerful at some point. Until then, Black & Decker will suffice.

On an additional and slightly unrelated note, I made some trail mix and it’s amazing even though my mom thinks trail mixes are “pure chaos” because “who said those cashews wanted to be with those cranberries and who said that they wanted to be with some almonds?” *face palm* Yeah, I don’t know about her either. She is indeed strange, so y’all can’t be surprised that I’m out here drinking chia seeds, watching Bob’s Burgers and researching the role Manganese plays in the human body on a Saturday afternoon.

This is where I currently am in my smoothie journey. I will most likely be drinking more because it’s about to be the temperature of Satan’s left armpit and I lack the desire to be in a hot kitchen.

Also, if you happen to know any Black registered dietitians, drop their social media links in one of my inboxes or comments somewhere. Please and thank you!

~ Lynona

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