I won’t be #vegan…

… because they are annoying!!!

Most of the capital Vs I see on the internet try to guilt and shame non vegans into veganism. Pop culture already doesn’t like you because y’all can be obnoxious. I understand that animal cruelty is important to you, but we don’t need you posting those videos everyday. We already had an in-house chat about retweeting and reposting black people being murdered by police. Deciding to not consume animal products can’t be done in a day or even a week by most people. Allow space for growth and transition. And accept that some of y’all don’t use seasoning so your food is actually bland and nasty. Sorry, but not sorry in the slightest bit. Veganism isn’t a solution for everybody and knowledge of vegan alternatives is a privilege. Some people will never have the desire to stop eating animal products. Leave them alone.

Instead, change your phrasing so it’s less judgmental and invasive, others will gravitate toward you. I could show my 50+ year old Black parents those videos about pigs and they will still eat ribs at the next cookout. I can get my mom to eat a meal without animal products by telling her how it makes my body feel. Not everybody wants to eat tofurkey. I can get my meat loving dad to eat eggplant parmesan, steamed green beans and brown rice before I could ever get him to eat tofu dressed up as chicken. Share knowledge where it is welcomed and stop forcing energy where it doesn’t flow easily.

Now… my beautiful and incredible black vegans… I love you dearly but stop with the vegan memes. Just. Stop. I want to follow and support you but veganism is going against the foods Black Americans have been eating for decades. Ham hocks and neck bones usually go in collard greens and butter/lard is a Southern kitchen staple. Please understand the resistance you feel. It’s not that we enjoy the thought of torturing animals, we are just used to our food and culture because they are so heavily tied together. Changing isn’t impossible, but it’s different, new and challenging. Be patient and understanding.

I eat vegan food and get excited about buying in-season vegetables. I’d encourage everyone to eat less processed foods, drink more water and eat more fruits and veggies but it is a privilege to have access to this knowledge. I want our rates of heart problems, diabetes, and high cholesterol to decrease significantly. The people we need to adopt this diet ASAP aren’t on Instagram or Twitter all day. I’d rather be an active example of doing better because now I know better. Please be conscious that everyone doesn’t know better and talking down to people isn’t a solution.


But maybe I’m the crazy one . . . who knows?