My 5 Potential Future Husbands

Lemme just go ahead and make this list because I have 5 potential future husbands out here thriving and I’m so proud and excited for them to flourish!


If you know, you know. If you don’t know, open another tab right now and listen to the rest of his music as you finish reading this post. You’re welcome. I’d suggest starting with The Pink Polo EP. (insert 5 flame emojis here)

BamsVegan   His Instagram Page

Just follow him on Instagram. You’re welcome. Did you see the nachos though??? It’s cool if you didn’t, I’ll embed a photo here because I might take a trip to Dallas just for them. He is Black, vegan, not horrible to look at, and is out here doing good for the world.


Bryan   His Instagram Page

I’ve already decided that Bryan is the official music curator of my life. His playlists have not missed yet. As soon as I figure it how to keep him on retainer, I will do so. After you finish The Pink Polo EP, carry toureself over to his IG or Twitter, save all the playlists and thank me and him later. You’re welcome. He makes Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal playlists so jsut save them to library. You’re welcome! Side note: he’s extra dope for including Tidal links becuase I need access to Beyonce exclusives/early releases and Lemonade. Fight me. But we both know you won’t.

Dii (not sure if he wants me to link to his IG or not)

My dearest sweet Dii. Truly an incredible human being. Would easily fight somebody about and for him, Game of Thrones ‘trial by combat’ style. A dancer, a philosopher, an intellectual, a mysitcal being we don’t deserve, a wine lover, and a general IDGAF human, first of his name, reigning overlord of all things fantastic and straighforward, the Fire-filled, the breaker of molds, Father of greatness. Can you tell I’ve been bingewatching Game of Thrones? May he reign long beyond his transition to another plane of existence with endless Yellow Tail. Or as I recently told him:

You exist on a plane us mere mortals can’t understand so we look on in awe and slight confusion.

Donald Glover

Actor, writer, producer, rapper, singer, dope human, and my husband in an alternate timeline. He’s a powerhouse creative. That is all.

Honorary Mention: Janelle Monae

And of course, as usual, I’m going to add Jane to this list because that right there is an absolutely incredible human being who is going to snatch my life essence and return it ten fold in less than a fortnight.

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