8.23 – Realizations

This might sound crazy, but follow me on this journey. Cool? Great!

I don’t think I could let the squid go. It’s a proven testament of my talent, skill and hard work. It doesn’t look like I was going through ALL OF IT that summer.

It encompasses most of my biggest fears. (1) Squids and (2) being in a place I shouldn’t be. Why is a squid coming through a stone window? The background is water which means the window is in front of water and why in earth is that happening? If every thing was where it was supposed to be, I wouldn’t have to worry about a squid coming through this window to attack me. And it’s massive!!! Like what!??!? How Sway?!?!?!?

Maybe I really am an artist because I don’t make these decisions consciously. I just do them and see the revelation later. Maybe I get so wrapped up in the analysis that I stop myself to force myself to make sense. I won’t be in the trend of highly stylized painting of today. I should do the surrealist paintings with my own meanings. Just doing my own thing.

In 100 years, if people are studying my work, they’re going to assign contemporary meanings to the imagery any way. We already do it to Van Gogh, Dali, and Da Vinci. Expcet that one student, who will find this blog post, look at the painting, and make the conncetion that I have made. Congrats to you graduate student, I appreciate your dedication, steadfastness and unrelenting pursuit of persepective even if your peers think you’re absolutely nuts. I see you. I feel you. I love you.


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