Lake Eola Musings

Walking around with a pitbull mix is like being black twice.

This is Dove: she is either super happy with her tail wagging or is looking at everyone like they are peasants that are beneath her. There is no happy medium.

As a Black girl, I’m already aware of how (white) people already shift their body language and look at me crazy. I’ve been used to that for 23 years and I frankly don’t care. With Dove, the game is doubled. I know the stigma of pitbulls even though they are absolute sweethearts. I see the reluctance, the clutching of small children, them going to the far side of this already huge sidewalk, etc. and it’s minorly annoying more than anything else. Dove isn’t a hyper active dog, she’s pretty chill until there is a bird or squirrel and she isn’t on a leash. She just walks around, minding her own business, like we do on a regular basis. Yet, people are still apprehensive and automatically assume the worst about her.

I’m honestly not even annoyed anymore, I’ve accepted this reality and I wish someody would try me about her (even though she regularly invades my personal space and scratches me on accident when she gets excited).

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