“Y’all really do that??”

There are some circumstances and concepts I’ve never interacted with and it’s fascinating.

  • Close sibling/family relationships
  • Parents that actually like each other
  • A healthy two parent household
  • Wanting to be married at my current age
  • Long term relationships
  • Seeing a future with someone and not forcing them to fit in
  • Having a kid at 23 (the stress already stresses me out)
  • Having the same group of friends for a long period of time
  • Childhood friends
  • Growing up in the same house my whole life
  • Feeling like part of something
  • Feeling like a permanent member of any group

I really don’t understand how people have close relationships with their siblings. How does that happen? It baffles me. I legally have two sisters. I don’t talk to them. One is just like her mother and the other is nine years younger than me. I’m not really sure what a 23 year old and a 14 year old are supposed to bond over. She’s going into high school and I graduated high school in 2012. I guess constantly living in a house with people your age would form a bond and since I’ve never had that I never developed that bond. I’ve always felt like an outsider except with my paternal grandmother. She never made me feel like I wasn’t part of the group and my cousins from my Aunt Jean never consciously made me feel like an outsider. They did it on accident sometimes but that was only because we would be around people they grew up and went to school with. I can’t say that for the people that came attached with my stepmother. They always made me feel foreign and my dad forced me to go with them most of the time.

Y’all really be out here with parents married for 25+ years? And they actually like each other??? How??? I’ve only seen two couples married for decades and still enjoy each other. My godparents and my dad’s parents. That’s it.

Moving every few years makes having a central friend group very difficult. I’ve been a constant floater. I usually have a best friend for a few years until we move away or grow apart. My longest friend right now is Dion, since 2013. His first year at college was my second year at college. We have already decided that we are stuck with each other until somebody dies. Prolly going to have matching condos on somebody’s beach, 2 floors apart.


I will be certain that my kids don’t experience any of this, even if that means I never procreate.

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