About This Sweatshirt . . .

Do not touch my hair.

Black people are not a petting zoo or a science experiment. We are not “exotic” or “foreign.” I know it’s long, beautiful and fluffy. Don’t touch it. Do not. Refrain from reaching out and caressing a strand. Just don’t do it.

Because apparently we still need to say this to people.

I know that Black women have hair in an array of colors, textures, and styles. It’s fascinating what we can do with our kinks, curls and coils. Admire from afar and don’t ask us a stupid question like “is that yours???” If I bought, sewed, pinned, grew, styled, braided, twisted, locked, retightened, or smoothed it with EcoStyler, it’s mine.

If we have not established a touching relationship, don’t touch me at all. Not a handshake. Not a hug. Not a high five. Not an awkward hand on my back when you need to move by (I’m looking at you creepy dudes everywhere touching women for no reason). It’s uncomfortable and weird. Don’t do it. Leave people’s bodies alone.

This has been a PSA. Thank you for reading. Support a Black owned business and have a lovely day!

Sweatshirt from My Pride Apparel 



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