Nuggets Pt. 1

Those little nuggets of wisdom we need on occasion:

Release the how. Everything is aligning. – Dr. Crystal Jones

Are you willing to surrender to the work of the transformation?

Stop letting other people make you doubt your intuition – trusting your own intuition will make you laugh in people’s faces sometimes, say “okay sis,” and then proceed with the moves you had already planned and conferred with your guides about

Nobody can tell me where I can’t go – Kanye West

Who hurt you? Who made you feel like expressing yourself would be boring? Who told you that they didn’t care? – Horacio Jones

“Progress looks different on everyone”

“Make sure you are responding to the present moment and not reacting to something from your past that the current situation reminds you of.” – Maryam Hasnaa

“Clutter is an indication of a lack of acceptance that has a moment has passed.”

“The growth won’t be exactly as you expect it. It may look and feel a little different than you imagined it. Don’t overlook it as growth. Don’t run from it thinking it’s not good just because it’s not exactly how you imagined. Once you recognize it as growth, chase it.” – Random Note from Brian

“Are you depressed or just broke? Are you depressed or just surrounded by toxic people too often? Picking up their energy? Are you depressed or dehydrated? Are you depressed or malnourished? Are you depressed or stuck in a cycle of repressed emotions?” – Ayana Danielle

Worry is a waste of imagination. – Lauren Ash

Self disciple is an underrated from of magic.

Self love also looks like: trusting your process when no one else does; changing your mind if something else better aligns with your path; taking all the time you need to heal/process; being unapologetic about the things that heal you & make you vibrate higher. – Lalah Delia

Fear’s goal is to keep you at the same level you’re currently at. – Lalah Delia

“Perfectionism” is masked fear and procrastination. – Amber Riley

“Just because you’re good at something does not mean it’s your calling” – Francheska @HeyFranHey

Being successful is natural for me.

My future is my own

Dr. Grant’s Affirmations:

  • I allow people that acknowledge and worship the divine in me to be a part of my life and journey.
  • I am grateful for all the challenges that have helped me grow and transform. Even the ones that weren’t pretty or easy to overcome.
  • I choose men/women who are actively working on connecting to their higher self to be apart of my life mentally, physically, emotionally, and sexually.
  • I understand that healing is not linear and it does not always feel good.
  • I am committed to healing even when it gets ugly and it is hard for me to remain positive and present.
  • I release any attachments, habits, thoughts, or emotions that are preventing me from fully loving and accepting myself.
  • I understand that patience is not always my best friend but it is essential for my growth.
  • I affirm that even on days when I fall short of who I believe I am, I will give myself more love, not less.
  • Today I will eliminate all distractions that are not assisting me or supporting me in my glow up process.
  • I understand that discipline is essential to self-care and success.
  • I am abundant and filled with endless possibilities.
  • I am free to be whoever it is I choose to be and today I choose to be me.
  • Today I choose to love myself even when I fall short of my own expectations.
  • I release any blockages that may be preventing me from fully connecting to my divine sensuality, pleasure, and creative abilities.
  • I remove all energy and speech associated with lack and I replace them with vocabulary of gratitude.
  • I provide myself with the same time, love, encouragement, and attention I freely give to others.
  • I am grounded. I am well provided for. I have all I need to survive and thrive.
  • I am limitless in my creativity, love, and possibilities. I am magic.
  • I am endlessly renewed in the present moment.
  • I accept that fear is real and debilitating. I identify my fears and persist towards my goals/dreams/ambitions unafraid.
  • I am proud of myself for all that I have accomplished, learned, and how I’ve grown.
  • I am limitless in my ability to create and transform the present moment.
  • I surrender my need to control everything and allow myself to go with the flow.

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