“Release the how. Everything is aligning.”

Chill out for a second.


Lynona translation: Stop worrying about how steps 2-15 are going to get done, you need to focus on step 1. Do what you’re supposed to do and everything else will naturally and magically fall into place. But you have to do what you’re supposed to do. DO WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO DO LYNONA!!! Stop worrying about what those people over there are doing. Stop worrying about the nonexistent future. Stop trying to figure out how the universe is going to move for you because it is much smarter and much better connected than you will ever be. Stop worrying about other people’s opinions ESPECIALLY when they have zero connection to your goals and are barely connected to themselves. Stop acting like you can’t flip these situations to be in your favor. Stop acting like you aren’t connected to the highest and best place for help and resources. Stop acting like you don’t have an entire lineage of ancestors ready to drop the knowledge you need, when you need it. Stop acting like you haven’t been prepared for this your entire life. Stop acting like you’re alone and unloved. Stop acting like anyone has more influence over your reality than you do. Stop acting like nothing is within your control. Stop acting like you don’t have the drive, creativity, and ideas to accomplish things beyond your wildest dreams. Stop acting like the lower viibational version of yourself when you know better.

Girl, breathe.


Did you breathe today? Drink your water? Stretch? Did you eat today? When was the last time you cleansed yourself, physically and spiritually? Are you sad or have you just not gotten up to be productive yet? Are you actually upset or have you just been lazy today? Is that person really affecting your mood or have you let your emotions override your autonomy? Do you need to do some yoga and move some energy around? Is your space cluttered? Because you know physical clutter is a direct reflection of mental clutter. Did you work on your blog this week? Or are you slacking off because you don’t see a reward yet? Are you disappointed about the seemingly nonexistent progress or are you comparing yourself to someone else’s timeline?

Go get some tea, sit down, and shut up for a minute.

Tune into yourself. Tune out the noise. Breathe. Fill every space of your lungs. Breathe until you can do that. Calm your mind.

Now, after all of that: Are you actually failing? Or did you let this earthly society push you out of your alignment and peace?

giphy eye

That’s what I thought. Go about your day in love and light Beloved.

~ Your higher self, your Grandmother, your guides, literally eeerrrrrrryyyyyyybbbboooodddddyyyyyyyy who wants you to flourish within your highest good

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