Lynona’s Weekly #1

Welcome! This is a cool way for me to share the random things I find myself researching while I should be asleep! Who needs a regular sleep schedule? Probably me but I like learning new things at 3 in the crisp parts of the morning so here we are.

I’m not an expert in any of these things, do your research or talk to a medical professional before you decide to try these things because some teas and herbal products can interact with prescription drugs (See: St. John’s Wort).

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Herb / Tea of the Week:

Rise & Grind by Ivy’s Tea Co. The Website, go ahead and bookmark it.

It’s a Lynona favorite. A black tea with vanilla and coconut. Perfection. And I don’t even like black tea like that. I’ll order some more after I finish my Green Bae. Lynona may or may not have a problem with hoarding tea like the apocalypse is coming so she is forcing herself to drink her way through the already large tea stash.

Plant-based food I’ve been obsessed with:

I made roasted chickpeas in my air fryer and then coated them in teriyaki sauce I got from Aldi. Seasoned with pink Himalayan salt, pepper, ginger, allspice, and garlic. In natural Lynona-fashion, I put them over a bed of sautéed vegetables (kale, peppers, onions, green beans) and rice, topped with cilantro and a squeeze of lime.



Random Insight / Tool:

Peppermint Essential Oil

The list of benefits of peppermint oil could easily become a post by itself, but I’ll summarize for us. Add a drop or two to a carrier oil (almond, olive, jojoba, etc.) in the palm of your hand, massage behind the ears and on the temples to help alleviate a headache. You could also directly inhale the oil from your palms by cupping your nose to help alleviate congestion. It can also be energizing in the diffuser. I’ve been enjoying a 3 drop peppermint, 2 drops lemon, 2 drops lavender blend lately.

When using it in your diffuser, please only use a few drops or the room will smell like the inside of a York Peppermint Patty. Now, if you’re into that kinda thing, go for it, add like 8 drops. If you are with me and the rest of the population, add something else and bless your space. I said a “few” like 2-4 drops big fella. Trust me. Or don’t. Live your life as a tax-paying adult.


Doodle of the Week:

Issa Bird!


Sound(s) of the Week:

With this being the first installment, it’s going to be a Janelle Monae project. So go to your  favorite streaming service, listen to The Archandriod, and then come back and tell me how you also love Janelle Monae as a human and artist. We are all welcome.

A New Thing I Learned:

Nature really just be out here doing dope things without us doing anything to it. All these plants are relaxing, growing, enjoying the sun, right? And then we come along like “Imma eat it” AND THEN we notice things like “oh my toothache is done” or “my nose isn’t runny anymore.” Plants are thriving, being great, by their lonesome and I aspire to be as unbothered and healthy as they are.

Hair Update:

Sometimes my friends tell me things and I forget about it for awhile until I randomly go to their YouTube channel. I added peppermint oil into my almond oil for my hair. *insert flame emojis here* My hair is soft, smells faintly of peppermint, and my itchy scalp has been soothed.

A Reminder To Help Reprogram Our Brains:

Being successful is natural for me.


Thank you being here and reading my writing. I hope you enjoyed this assimilation of the things that occupied my brain this week!


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