Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Don’t let people make “vegan” or “healthy” smoothies scary. I too enjoy my spirulina at times but a regular degular smoothie works too.


Strawberries, bananas, chia seeds, cinnamon, ground oats (that’s what the glass jar is), almond milk and agave. Dassit.

Here is why I use what I use in my smoothies:

I use ground oats instead of protein powder because I haven’t found one that isn’t wildly expensive and tastes good. I’m also very picky about after tastes and that weird chalky feeling some protein powders leave. With ground oats, I get carbs, protein, and fiber. I’ll use about 2 – 4 tablespoons, depending on how long I need to feel full and how big my smoothie is going to be. All I do is grind the raw oats in my NutriNinja. That’s it. I might add flax meal the next time I go to the store.

Chia seeds are one of my favorite “superfoods,” even though I dislike calling them by that name. They swell up when in a liquid so it helps me feel full for longer, along with the ground oats. I need longevity in my smoothies. There’s no point in drinking a smoothie and being hungry twenty minutes later.

Cinnamon is added purely because I like the flavor. I’m not sure if ground cinnamon has the same nutritional benefits of freshly ground cinnamon. I’ll explore that on a different day.

Bananas!! Okay, pro tip: freeze your bananas. When they are $.35 per pound, I’m getting as many as I can carry. Do I look ridiculous in the store? Yes. As me if I care. Spoiler: I don’t. And here’s why. I like spotted bananas, blame my grandmother. The natural sugars reduce how much sweetener I need to add later and digesting more ripe bananas is much easier than digesting green bananas. Get the mound of bananas, let them ripen to your perfect stage, peel, and then freeze them in a gallon sized ziplock bag for multiple reasons:

  1. Frozen bananas thicken smoothies similarly to yogurt.
  2. Bananas have more flavor than using ice. I found that using ice encourages weird separation if I don’t drink it fast enough. I can’t chug a 24 ounce smoothie that fast, nor do I have the desire to do so.
  3. They’re cheaper than buying yogurt and is a cheap way to bulk up your smoothies with volume, potassium, fiber, Vitamin B-6, and Vitamin C. Throw in two bananas if you feel fancy, or you just really love bananas like I do.
  4. If you are avoiding dairy, bananas don’t have dairy. Boom.

Strawberries were used because they were on sale on my last grocery trip. I may get pineapples next time, depends on the sales.

Agave is my sweetener of choice for now. Honey doesn’t really blend well into frozen things and white sugar is too sweet for me.

The Nutri Ninja is my friend. I don’t measure things, it takes too much time, in my opinion. Which means I end up accidentally filling up a standard blender. The Nutri Ninja only allows me to blend to a certain point. Mine came with an 18 ounce cup and a 24 ounce cup. It’s a great investment for those of us blending kale and other hard things on a regular basis. It has a motor strong enough to cut through tougher foods. It still needs liquid but it doesn’t need as much as a smaller, weaker blender. It also cuts through ice very well. I made a mint green tea slush last summer and there weren’t any chunks. Amazon link for reference.

This is by far and away one of the simplest smoothies I drink. I’ve been known to add a bunch of stuff like ginger, flax meal, spinach, 4 different fruits, and so on. But who has the time for a 13 ingredient smoothie six times a week? Not I.




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