Fire Quartz – Sept. 20, 2019

Hey! Hello! I know, it’s been a minute. I’m trying a few new things. Bear with me as I explore. Thank you. Today I’m talking about Fire Quartz! Can you feel my excitement?


One of the new members of my personal squad. I got this one in NOLA but had been thinking about it for awhile. Associated with Scorpio, the number 7, the root chakra, and transmutes energy into higher vibrations. When you’re feeling unfocused or your esteem has taken a hit, Fire Quartz can help! Think of it as the bulldozer clearing blockages from root to crown. A good portion of us need to focus on our root chakras every now and then. It’s very difficult to function with a root that is out of whack. It’s possible, but it’s not pleasant.


The Magician and 3 of Pentacles are telling us to conjure together. Teamwork makes the dream work. While you could do this by yourself, these cards are saying to combine forces. This most likely a collaboration in your field or a similar field. Lateral connections over vertical. Bring that conjuring power into the physical world. Keeping this in mind, you need structure. A plan. A course of action. Fire Quartz wants us to direct the fire. No uncontrollable wildfires over here. But some internal changes need to happen so you can open up to new collaborations. An internal “controlled destruction” if you will. You could also experience this transformation in a group. Solitude seems like the best place to transform but maybe you need to open up to a friend, a therapist, or a grandparent. This isn’t necessarily a time to retreat, but rather reach out. Fire Quartz is an excellent stone to aid in this process. The combination of quartz and hematite is pulling the clarity of quartz with the stability of hematite making it perfect for this type of work.

You may be asking ”Okay, that cute and all but how do I use this energy?”

It’s fitting to pull the Karmic Path card, symbolized by Saturn, since Saturn just went direct a few days ago. There are some lessons you’re about to learn or just started learning. Saturn and Death Rx aren’t the most pleasant cards but they’re beyond important. These lessons are going to require your attention, dedication, and organization. Explore ways to document this time. Journal, vlog, paint, draw, free write, blog, make music, etc. Without these, you will have a difficult time collaborating with others because your internal world is shifting and you need to ground yourself. When was the last time you sat outside? The last time you watched the clouds? Star gazed? Listened to the waves? Stuck your feet into some grass? The pentacle is associated with earth, the physical world, the things we can see and touch. Collaboration happens in the physical world, so go re-calibrate in the physical world. With as much fun as the astral realm can be, you still exist in the physical world on Earth. Go for a walk. Sit on the porch. At the very least, open up the windows and let some fresh air circulate around the house. When you ground yourself in nature, it’s much easier to create. The root chakra may need some direct love and attention. Remember that your timing is perfect. It won’t seem like it, but it is. Everything takes time. It takes 2 years to grow a pineapple. There’s no need for you to frantically rush yourself. Just ride for the journey. If you have been asking “What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to get from here to there?” Your answer is ground yourself so you can receive the downloads you need and see the path you need to take so you can create what you need to create. The world needs it and that’s the reason why you’re here in the first place. If you weren’t meant to create it, you wouldn’t have had the idea and that idea wouldn’t be haunting you everyday and everywhere.

Thank you for reading! I might do more of these crystal based pulls.

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