we are seeing the fallacies of a masculine only world in real time. everything “non-essential” are things we hold at the same, if not greater, importance at times. music. art. church. restaurants. clubs. sports. all expressions of a god given touch. gone. they are the ones that get shut down. the spaces we created to gather in mutual interest have now been deemed “non-essential.” what do we do? live in the memory? fine ways to still connect? because that is what we have been doing. video chatting loved ones. more phone calls. “just checking on you” texts. revisiting music. Instagram Live “battles” between legends that remind us of a time where we could gather. put on complete outfits to go “out” to the living room and kitchen. watching our favorite dj’s and discovering new ones.

is this time to reevaluate how we took interactions for granted? or maybe think of ways to improve our regular interactions? maybe this time is to teach us that we were never meant to apply such rigid structure to free flowing god energy. these shouldn’t have become such predatory industries that value the money over the expression… I think this time was to strip away the corporations. companies should have never gotten that big. small businesses force us to connect with people instead of “brands.” the face needs to be valued over the money. the human connection should be restored as most important. how do we do this? we are watching the solution to this problem unfold in real time.

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