we are seeing the fallacies of a masculine only world in real time. everything “non-essential” are things we hold at the same, if not greater, importance at times. music. art. church. restaurants. clubs. sports. all expressions of a god given touch. gone. they are the ones that get shut down. the spaces we created to … Continue reading “Essential”

Today, I woke up, brushed my teeth, drank some water, and did a reiki meditation for 10 minutes. And I really ain't been right since. The world feels different. It doesn't "feel" like the same planet I've been waking up on for the past 25 years. Everything feels odd. My very few interactions with people … Continue reading

My Mother’s Light

I've spent my entire life watching my mother shrink herself in the light of men. Men that were less qualified, intelligent, educated, and skilled than her. Watching my mother completely disregard the light she worked so hard to put into me was the biggest heart break I've ever experienced. Watching her choose to stand in … Continue reading My Mother’s Light